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Unisem: Unlocking new possibilities in the global ESDM space.
Unisem: Unlocking new possibilities in the global ESDM space.
Unisem: Unlocking new possibilities in the global ESDM space.
Unisem: Unlocking new possibilities in the global ESDM space.
Unisem: Unlocking new possibilities in the global ESDM space.
Unisem: Unlocking new possibilities in the global ESDM space.

Why Unisem?


Unisem is committed to providing quality products and services. We procure from Green channel vendors only, and all products have full traceability and documentation. We strive for the highest level of service, meeting standards AS 9120 and AS 9110 with an impressive error free record of 99.7%. Ensure the quality and authenticity of components for your products. We provide deep commitment to tying up with genuine parts manufacturers and a quality assurance guarantee against counterfeiting, environmental conditions, and usage to ensure reliable electrical and mechanical parameters are met.


Unisem has been providing excellent customer service since 2009. We specialize in building strong relationships with our customers and suppliers, helping us understand needs and trends better. With Unisem, you can count on quality products, rare parts whenever needed, and fast response times. We are proud of our 100% customer retention rate


Unisem's process provides customers with a fast and reliable way to source components, respond to issues, and quickly design components. Our process has been improved over the years. Experience Unisem's process for yourself today.

Procurement services for device manufacturers

Unisem is an electronic component company that understands both global and Indian business processes. With its ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) capabilities, it contributes to the transformation of the electronic component industry. Are you an OEM looking for the best components that meet your application design needs? Unisem offers a wide range of products and product knowledge to make sure you get the best solutions available to you. With Unisem, OEMs have access to the latest component technology and our experienced team is dedicated to helping OEMs get the most out of their product line.

Unisem provides value-added services such as

Just-in-time (JIT) production services to ensure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Our experienced team of professionals helps you plan and execute a production schedule that efficiently meets demand and keeps costs low.

Single Window Approach
Unisem provides customers with customized services that cover everything from design to assembly. We use a “Single Window” approach in which we provide an integrated solution for all your needs. Our experts will help with component selection, prototyping, kitting and final assembly.

Crucial Link
Unisem provides a crucial link between OEMs and semiconductor manufacturers. We offer comprehensive solutions for end-to-end supply chain management, helping you get the best possible parts and components at the most competitive prices. With Unisem, you can rest assured that your electronics needs are met

Shortage management
Unisem is a supply chain solution provider to help companies avoid costly line stoppage due to shortfalls in components. Our services can help decrease delays from existing sources and can cater to non forecasted requirements and logistic issues. When you need genuine, high-quality parts, get them from us. Our global network sources components from trusted manufacturers and distributors around the world, and we provide a Certificate of Compliance with every order to ensure authenticity. Enjoy fast delivery services from UPS, DHL and Fedex with our special arrangements.

Cost reduction support
Discover a cost-effective component sourcing partner to help you stay competitive. Our expertise in global sourcing and reliable channels across the world enable us to source components from the most competitive sources and locations. We only source products from manufacturers or franchisees, helping you reduce costs while maintaining high quality standards.

Lead Time Buys
Choosing from our representative lines, authorized lines and strong lines, you get the best prices and a regular lead-time to support normal procurement processes.

Obsolete components – Sourcing
We offer sourcing services to help you find the parts you need, even after they have become obsolete. Our network of green channel vendors enables us to provide genuine, high-quality components to keep your production running.

Obsolete components – Building
We provide product life extension services, sourcing original dies from manufacturers with authorization and building components to ensure long-term functionality. Our products are endorsed and traced back to original manufacturers for reliable performance in critical applications.

Kitting of Components
Unisem offers kitting and consolidation services to manufacturers who source components from different parts of the world. Our strong network around the globe allows you to consolidate all tiny billing suppliers under one window with flexible pricing options. We currently consolidate from Europe, USA and Asia, saving you time and money on paperwork

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